ZWell SAG Mill Grinding Balls

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Mechanical Property
surface hardness HRC:≥58
centre Hardness HRC:≥55
ball test times:≥10000(10m)
as per standard:YB/T 091-2019 and order requirements

  • size: φ100-125mm
  • characteristics: Prehardening treatment, uniform hardness, superior wear resistance, lower breakage rate and lower circle loss rate.
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    Basic Information

    ZWell, Jianlong Group’s steel grinding media manufacturer, produce and suppply energy saving steel grinding balls for SAG milling.

    Autogenous grinding mill is a kind of grinding equipment with two functions of crushing and grinding. Its working principle is to use the crushed material itself in the cylinder body as the medium, and to continuously impact and grind each other in the cylinder body to achieve the purpose of grinding. Sometimes steel balls are added to improve the handling capacity.

    SAG mill refers to the addition of the crushed material itself as the grinding medium, but also the large diameter steel grinding balls as the grinding medium. The SAG mill has a wide range of applications, and has expanded from the treatment of nonmetallic ore to ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals such as copper ore, molybdenum ore, lead-zinc ore and rare metal ore.

    ZWell can customize large diameter steel grinding balls for SAG milling for clients from different industries. Based on the achievements and experience of Jianglong Group’s production and R&D of wear-resistant steel round bars for grinding balls, Jianlong Beiman steel round bars for example, using automatic advanced steel ball production lines, and CNAS certified testing center, ZWell can customize the grinding steel balls suitable for various types of SAG mills, helping clients save energy and improve production, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

    Please contact ZWell to know more about SAG Grinding Balls.


    Product Features

    • high and uniform hardness
    • greater wear resistance and fatigue endurance
    • smooth surface and low circle loss rate
    • low breakage rate



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